Americanization – good or bad?

As you all should know, Americanization means being assimilated into the American culture.

While I thought of this concept deeply, I realized that Americanization cannot be anything but bad. My teacher, Ms. Ponce, once said that Americanization is strongly related to Globalization. In fact, most people believe that Americanization is Globalization because of the overwhelming number of TNCs (transnational corporations) from or founded in America. With this understanding, we know that the negative aspects of Globalization is also caused by Americanization.

Some of these negative aspects are the following facts:

– the estimated 1.7 billion people around the world living in absolute poverty

– Child abuse from TNC by working with very little salary, and poor working environments (ie. Nike, Addidas, ect.)

– the disappearance of languages

– poor countries remaining poor

– Changing people’s identity from all over the world

– terrorism

– (the list can go on and on, Luckily, I found this video from youtube that saved me from writing on and on for days)


In case you still have doubts that Americanization is a good thing and that it should be encouraged, let me show you this comment from an ethnocentric American (I found this comment from the linked video above with the username weweallthewayhome):

“the world is americanizing because it is what the people want. you are seriously mistaken if you believe the world would be better off living in grass huts hunting for unsanitary food. i can understand your feelings for the native traditions and such, but that is all they are. the only thing i believe you should hold sacred is your religion….everything else, such as language and customs are just things that die off over time. it’s sad, but true (and it is not because of america).”

First of all saying that “living in grass huts hunting for unsanitary food is all there is” is wrong. I am a Philippine immigrant so I can somewhat relate to these people who “live in grass huts” and “hunt for unsanitary food”. I can understand that they hold their culture very dearly. If you are just looking at the surface, only seeing the obvious, not really seeing what is important in a culture then I feel sorry for you. Every culture matters because it is not only about what is in the culture that matters, but it is also about how people are caring for their culture, how they endure the pressure of poverty and Americanization just to keep it alive, how they would be willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their own country. Their culture is their reason to live, why they dance in festivals, why they voice out their opinions and fight for freedom even if it seems impossible.

If you still believe that Americanization is a good thing then I was wrong. Americanization is even worse than it seemed because it has the power to blind people from the obvious truth.





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